Palm Beach R&D

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

About the Founder

Teppo K. Jokinen, BSME

  • Founder & Chief Engineer of Palm Beach R&D Inc.
  • 42 years of experience
  • Supports the local community by volunteering with Vital Flight and the US Coast Guard - Miami Air Station 

About the Company

  • Kunne Climate Control System was recognized by R&D Magazine as one of the Top 100 most technologically innovative products in 2007.
  • List of patents and patent pending products 
    • Air conditioner with selected ranges of relative humidity and temperature US Patent 5,850,968.  
    • Filterless A/C System, Patent US: 9,638.444
    • Fighting against Legionnaires' disease, Patent Pending US 62/284,415 and US 62/284,371