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Devices for Compressor Protection


Protective devices for the compressor, such as discharge temperature sensors, internal pressure relief valves and internal overload protection, installed directly in the compressor are no longer needed. These devices for compressor protection are all you need. They solve issues with the condenser fan motor capacitor or bottom bearing failure as well as when the A/C system is low on Freon. In the case of the condenser fan motor, your compressor will be saved because the heat sensitive bi-metal disc installed on the liquid line in the AHU will close since the liquid is hot and will blow the fuse. The low voltage current will be interrupted, the siren and emergency light will be activated, and the compressor will not restart until the faulty parts have been replace. In the case of the A/C system running low on Freon, the bottom of the coil will continue to cool, which will cause the bi-metal disc to close and the fuse will be blown. The low voltage current is interrupted, the siren and emergency light will be activated and the compressor will stop and not restart.

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