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Palm Beach R&D

...helping you extend the life of your air conditioner!

Kunne Automatic Chemical Dispenser

Patent Pending US 62/284,415


  • A/C drain pans and condensate lines are ideal environments for growing bacteria.
  • Bacteria growth in the condensation drain line creates a cellulite obstruction in which continued operation of the AHU will cause the condensation drain pan to overflow causing water damage to the surrounding area.   

Your solution to preventing costly water damage? Kunne Automatic Chemical Dispenser!

Here's how it works:

The Automatic Chemical Dispenser (ACD) is installed external of the Air Handling Unit (AHU). Upon start of the AHU, the ACD supplies a small amount of chemical such as locally purchased bleach to the Condensate Water Inlet Safe Guard pipe. The chemical is inserted into the main condensation drain line which prevents bacteria growth.

The Automatic Chemical Dispenser and Condensate Inlet Safe Guard keeps condensate water lines and drain pan open automatically -- without the need for any chemicals in the drain pan! 

No more worrying about placing tablets in your drain pan!

No more costly service bills to clean your drain pan and condensate lines!

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